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Yoga and Pilates


Welcome, Namaste.
My name is Sandee Nursigadoo. I was born and raised in Mauritius. As a child, I was fascinated with the Hindu gods, meditation and the spiritual path. As a teenager I started doing Yoga but my main interest was in Bharatanatyam
(Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu). I performed in several
5 star hotels and Hindu festivals.


















In 1986, I got married and moved to the UK. I stopped dancing or practicing Yoga, to concentrate on my family and new adopted culture. Following a back injury in my 30's, I rediscovered Yoga and I was hooked. I was lucky to connect with
like-minded yogis which inspired me to train as a Yoga teacher.













In 2017 and 2018, I suffered great personal loss, which led me into depression. 
At that time I has also left my work as a manager in social work. By practicing and teaching yoga, it helped me to let go of the past and to trust the unfolding of life.
I was blessed with my 2 beautiful sons who supported me in this very dark time. Eventually this led me to Yin Yoga (a slow base style of yoga which targets deep connective tissue). This practice helped heal my fragile state of mind, my physical body and helped me learn how to live with my overwhelming grief.


I am also qualified in Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates and Sound Meditation. 
I am accredited to level 3 in Pilates and Pilate Reformer.
I teach online and at various gyms. My teaching is based on my own personal experience as a practitioner as well as my ability to enable people to discover their unique strengths and see beyond perceived limitations.
I also run private classes, Yoga workshops and retreats in sunny locations such as Sri Lanka and Spain.


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  • It will help you to cultivate awareness of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

  • Pranayama  (The breathing techniques) will build your lung capacity and increase oxygen levels. 

  • Reduce stress level, calm your nervous system. Re-engage our rational brain (pre-frontal cortex) which we need to empathise, listen and ask questions

  • Yoga also improves  your mobility, posture and reduces the risk of injuries.  

  • Move more freely when you’re playing with the kids, grandkids or throwing a ball for the dog.  

  • You will find it easier to tasks around the house such as bending, reaching or stooping. 

  • The practice is based on a series of low-intensity poses that will  help increase your range of motion.    


  • It’s a low intensity workout.

  • The exercises are designed to strengthen the centre of the body.  This includes the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, pelvis floor muscles, the muscles in the hips and the gluteal muscles. Strengthening these muscles will create a stable core and a stronger back. 

  • Having a strong core will take pressure off your lower back and other joints, which can help reduce the risk of injury. 

  • It will lengthen and strengthen your muscles. 

  • It helps improve flexibility, muscle imbalance, posture, co-ordination and good breathing technique.



Sandee is an inspiring and thoughtful teacher who is aware of the different needs for each member of the class. She always suggests levels of variation on postures so that each individual can challenge themselves as much or as little as they'd like. Her teaching is intelligent, soulful, intuitive and always great fun; a total joy in fact "

Tash Desborough - Author and Screen Writer

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